I was born and brought up in a small town in Israel, spent some years in the US (Memphis, Tennessee, and Los Angeles), where I met the art of photography and the American way of life. I lived in Paris, where I studied French language and culture, as well as the art of Tiffany glass. I traveled in South America, Brazil and Bolivia, Near and Far East and Europe and met Landscapes, friends and teachers. My path took me through a Bachelor’s degree in Behavioral Science, a degree in Journalism and Communications and MA in Indian Culture and Sanskrit.

In 1998 I met the Dharma in an intensive 10 days meditation retreat, where I found what my heart was longing for. Shorty after, I went on a long journey to India and Thailand, in a quest for teaching and practices that were not so available then in Israel. I met some great teachers that influenced my life and i had the good fortune of practicing  in monasteries and meditation centers throughout the year. Since then, my life are dedicated to learning, practicing and giving service of Dharma and meditation in different settings of retreats, courses, groups and to individuals in Israel and abroad.

I feel I have the great privilege to share my love with many friends along the path. The Dharma is not far or detached from what seems to be our most mundane or not-special moment. Every moment can be a wake up call, however insignificant, sweet or horrible it might feel. I believe all of us have the immense potential of complete liberation of the heart and the mind. This potential knows no limitations. In this spirit i practice and in this spirit i teach.

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