Going deep into freedom: A Vipassana and Ashtanga Yoga retreat 23-29 of July 2019

Going deep into freedom: A Vipassana and Ashtanga Yoga retreat

23-29 July 2019

   Germany. near Düsseldorf, at Paunehoff  

This retreat is a unique opportunity that weaves together the classical insight Vipassana retreat with the practices of Ashtanga Yoga in the tradition of Patanjali and Sri K. Pattabhi Jois.

We will deepen into the ancient and radical teachings of the Buddha for the liberation of the heart and mind, side by side with transformative Yoga practices.

Being in direct contact with life beyond ideas reveals depth and aliveness that can open us to the ease of being, clarity, energy, and wisdom that flourish in the body, the heart and the mind.

The retreat includes comprehensive instructions in Vipassana (Insight) and mindfulness meditation including guidance in sitting, walking, standing and reclining posture. Additionally there will be enquiries, a daily talk, and opportunities for one-to-one meetings with the teachers. This will intertwine with daily sessions of Yoga, morning Mysore-style (guided self-practice and led) and evening sessions of Yoga Nidra.

The retreat is held in silence except for the teachings, guided meditations and meetings with the teachers. The day starts at 6 am and finishes at 21.30, with a daily mindful work period (Karma Yoga).

This retreat is suitable for new and experienced practitioners in both meditation and Yoga and will be offered in English. Please check with us about translation into German if needed.

Maximum 50 participants.

to register:  info@pauenhof.de

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The retreat is offered on Dana basis (Donations basis) for the teachers. Please read more about the Dana here.

The practice of Dana – donation and generosity 
The fees charged for this retreat by Pauenhof cover lodging, food, and maintenance for the centre. The teachers offer teaching on a Dana basis in accordance with ancient Buddhist tradition. Within Buddhism, the teachings are offered on Dana  since they are considered priceless. In addition, it supports the cultivation of the deep and transormative quality of generosity. In that way Dana also enable everyone to join regardless of their financial situation and to benefit from the fruits of the practice. At the end of the retreat, you will be invited to practice Dana by making monetary offerings for the teachings and support the teachers to continue their offering in that way. Dana is not a payment for goods or services rendered; This is an opportunity to participate in the ancient tradition of total reciprocity between teachers and students and to give from the heart to that which we wish to support. Dana is the deepest expression of the mutual dependence between us all.  Your generosity not only gives support to the teachers, but also the Sangha, the larger Dharma community, and your own practice